Whether as a writer or a writing coach, I help you shape your ideas into engaging, thoughtful text. Into opinions, blogs, speeches, magazine articles, or white papers that let you shine. Into stories that capture your ideas and boost your sustainability leadership and credibility.

Jan Provoost

Writer writer's coach Leuven
Writer writer's coach Leuven

Jan Provoost

Whether as a writer or a writing coach, I help you shape your ideas into engaging, thoughtful text. Into opinions, blogs, speeches, magazine articles, or white papers that let you shine. Into stories that capture your ideas and boost your sustainability leadership and credibility.

Jan Provoost

This is what some of my clients write:

“Not only is Jan technologically savvy, but is able to engage the reader. He is particularly talented in explaining complex issues so that the layperson can understand them. This is not an easy task when writing about technology. As an individual, Jan has a great deal of integrity and a pleasant manner. I've always enjoyed collaborating with him.”

Françoise von Trapp, Editorial Director Kiterocket; 3D InCites

“As a coach, Jan offers insights that invite you to explore writing in a way that goes beyond the typical, linear “how to write” approaches. I personally came away with an enriched and deepened understanding of what it means to be a writer, and with a solid foundation for my own writing work.”

Kathrin Stokes-Bonhomme, Strategic Writing Government of Canada

"Jan is a person who has great skills and deep expertise. We've worked together on various projects and I was impressed by his manner of doing a great job. His knowledge is vast and extensive. A dedicated, self-motivated and very capable. Definitely worth recommending."

Jon Jacobsen, Marketing Director at Silex Insight

About me

Jan Provoost
writer – thinker – dreamer

Foremost a writer and a writer’s coach. I see to it that your services, your research, and your opinions reach the audience that they deserve. Your conscious leadership translated in great text.

When you hire me, you’re also hiring a strategic thinker with a wealth of experience and background knowledge. Someone who can help you create a story, assemble the facts and figures, and distinguish fact from fiction.

And the dreamer? I picture my writing and coaching as a positive force for good. Helping sustainable, purposeful companies fulfill their role. Nudging individuals to strengthen their voice and let it be heard. MBTI-wise I side with the advocate (INFJ).

How can I help?

Jan Provoost Writing


If you are a conscious entrepreneur or thought leader, you often find yourself bursting with ideas. Ideas that are worth spreading to colleagues, customers, policy makers, or to a larger public.

What if you could engage a writer to put those ideas to paper? A copy-writer, co-writer, or ghost-writer.

Someone who listens, who thinks and dreams with you. Someone who knows how to capture your voice and your business.

Jan Provoost Writer's Coach


I help companies and individuals to communicate more efficiently or more creatively. I help them develop a writing or speaking voice that suits them and that has the intended effect. Be it to sell, convince, or be heard.

You can call upon me for in-company workshops on business writing, individual coaching and feedback on writing and speaking, or open workshops on creative writing

Jan Provoost Advocacy Greta Thunberg


Our words matter, and they should be used to spread valuable ideas. Ideas that further the planet and all its people. Conscious ideas that promote equality, fairness, and beauty.

Therefore, as a writer, I don’t engage in greenwashing or disingenuous messaging.

I help organizations and individuals that are driven by purpose and integrity and want to make this planet a better place. One step at a time, with a moonshot effort, or anything in between.

About you

Jan Provoost Companies

High-tech and biotech companies

that want to shape a healthy, sustainable, even regenerative world.

I give workshops and coaching to writers and speakers. As a writer, I copywrite and edit your texts to make them work better.

Jan Provoost entrepreneurs

Conscious entrepreneurs

and experts who want to gain influence, spreading their expertise on sustainability.

You talk, I write. You explain your ideas, the way you want to work, your various lines of thinking. And I listen, digest, research, expand, look what lands, make you a draft that we then finalize.

Jan Provoost Individuals

Thoughtful, gifted individuals

with a message. You may wonder: Is my writing any good? And if it’s good, how can I use it for good? How can I spread it and be safe? How can I make my voice count? Let it grow organically without being overwhelmed.

In a 6-month trajectory with peers, I offer you a safe playing ground to experiment and expand your voice. With mutual feedback and reassurance, opportunities to publish and speak, and heaps of expert advice.

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Blogs ‘n More



What if we decided, now and here, that we would no longer accept the implied violence of the deadline, and with the same token: that we would no longer pass it on to others.



“Her account was a necessary reminder also that I—that we—have to keep on exploring the unknown for material to tell our stories, and that reading is a powerful way to do so.”



“What I advocate is a smart and rational way of slowing down. A path of personal growth that includes degrowth. Growth in what sustains us, in contentedness and resilience; degrowth in what exhausts us: the forever-on busyness and overreaching. A path in which non-doing and slower-doing is both a means of personal regeneration and effective action.”


Please, write an email to jan@janprovoost.be.